Begleri is a skill toy that originated in Greece, as an adaptation of the traditional Greek rosary/worry beads known as komboloi. The komboloi were often flipped between the fingers, and over time this practice led to the simpler, linear design of begleri. Contemporary begleri consist simply of beads secured to either end of a short cord, which can be flipped around and between the fingers to perform tricks and patterns, much like a balisong. Traditional begleri were often made from materials such as semi-precious stones, and have always been cherished items that are carried and played with constantly throughout the day.

Aroundsquare is synonymous with Begleri. Since 2015, they have been working to expand the art, supporting the community with events and tutorials. They're known to combine both modern materials and precision machining to support ever more technical and dynamic styles of play. We are very excited to collaborate with them on the Aurora begleri.